Paul Wegner – Loius Is Back

Introducing The One-Of-A-Kind ” Loius Back ” Sculpture By Paul Wegener. Crafted In Original Bronze, This Investment-Grade Piece Will Make A Stunning Addition To Any Art Collection.

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The “Loius Back” Sculpture By Paul Wegener Is A Truly Unique And Captivating Work Of Art. Expertly Crafted In High Quality Bronze, This Sculpture Captures The Essence Of Its Subject With Stunning Realism And Attention To Detail. As One Of A Kind, It Is A Rare Opportunity To Add An Investment-Grade Piece To Your Collection. Paul Wegener Is A Well-Known Artist, Who Has A Reputation For Creating Beautiful And Meaningful Art That Stands The Test Of Time. The Loius Back Sculpture Is A Perfect Example Of This. The Use Of Bronze Material, Gives It An Antique Look And Feel. The Level Of Skill And Craftsmanship Evident In This Piece Is Truly Exceptional, Making It A Must-Have For Any Serious Art Collector.

Dimensions 230 × 230 × 640 cm